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Q. How many channels are available for Citizens Band Radio in Australia

Australian CB UHF Radios have 80 Channels of which some are assigned for specific purposes such as emergency, data and some reserved for future use. Channel 5 & 35 UHF are reserved for Emergency Use only. Other channel allocation for repeaters and calling also apply .

Q. Do I need a licence to use CB UHF Radios?

Australian CB UHF Radios are covered by a CLASS licence, these radios must be type approved by the ACMA for use in Australia.

Q. Can I use a radio frequency other than CB for my own use?

Yes, but you will need to apply for a licence from the ACMA which will issue a licence for a fee and generally for 12mths, renewable each year. Be careful that when you apply for a licence that you understand whether your equipment is suitable for the application and the frequency assignment.

Q. What range can I expect from my hand held transceiver?

This will depend on the frequency used, height above the terrain, terrain conditions and propagation (factor of atmospheric conditions). UHF Hand helds will generally offer relatively short range dependant on power output, potentially with ideal conditions 1 to 5 kms is generally possible. The use of high gain antennas and well designed transceivers may provide better coverage, providing the terrain conditions are suitable.

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